We fix iPhones, and we fix them really, really well

Not all mobile repair companies are created equal! Our engineers have a background in electronics, some as long as twenty years. Our ‘engineers’ didn’t receive their training on YouTube, and the parts we use are of the highest quality. For this reason we won’t be the cheapest service, but we are cheaper than Apple and the service you receive from us will be just as good as the Apple Store, except you won’t have to wait a week for an appointment

Data recovery

Sometimes, a phone can’t be repaired but the data on the phone is priceless, we can repair the phone to the point that it boots so we can recover your data. If we don’t recover your data, we don’t charge you.

Our store is located in the Custard factory, 5 minutes from town. Check out our prices below.

Express Service in-store
We offer 20, 40, and 60 minute express services and you can go next door to our friendly neighbours Yumm cafe and have a drink while you wait.
*additional charges apply*

Call us on 0121 318 9555